Okratech Token Listing in Bybit through ByVotes

2 min readNov 17, 2022


Dear Users,

We are glad to announce that ORT (Okratech Token) is taking part in Bybit’s ByVote competition. This competition is part of a regular series by Bybit, where three projects face off against each other. The project with the most votes wins the listing.

$ORT is scheduled for bybit voting round on November 24th — 3:00:00 AM UTC

Winning this competition will result in a listing on Bybit and for Okratech Token this will be another great milestone to achieve.

You can also take part in a prize pool of $120,000 worth of $ORT.

For casting votes to $ORT just take the following steps:

Step 1: Sign up for a Bybit account!

If you do not already have an account at Bybit, to vote in order to help $ORT win, you need to sign up here.

Step 2: Deposit USDT on your Bybit account!

To help $ORT win, you need to deposit some USDT on your Bybit account before November 23rd –23:59:59 UTC. Please note, you DO NOT spend this USDT when voting, but the amounts of USDT you deposit are related to the number of votes you get.

1 USDT = 1 vote. The maximum number of votes per person can have is 10,000.

You can vote multiple times during the voting period depending on how many votes you have.

Step 3: Time to Vote!

Voting begins on November 24th 3:00:00 AM UTC and lasts for 24 hours. You simply need to go to the voting page. To find this, click here and then navigate to the ByVotes round containing the $ORT (Okratech Token) listing.

We recommend that you vote as soon as the voting starts not to miss the opportunity to help our project to take the lead.

Step 4: Winners!

The winner of this ByVote round will be announced on November 25th 3:00:00 AM UTC.

When $ORT wins, the airdrop reward will be calculated based on this formula:

Your Votes/Total Votes * $120,000 of $ORT. The reward will then be distributed to your Bybit Spot account.

Step 5: Listing!

We know that we can count on your support, as we are having the best community after all.

Make sure you share with all your friends and fellow crypto devotees so we will win this voting round, list on Bybit, and so you can win your share of $120,000 worth of $ORT.

Extra Free Votes to Get (Pass Individual KYC Level One)

This step is just optional, as It is possible to vote without verification, but please note that verified accounts receive an extra free 50 votes that you can use to push $ORT into the moon!